Sunday Worship
Sunday Mornings

9:00am - Traditional Worship

9:00am - Untangled classes  (adults)

9:30am - classes for youth & children

10:30am - Contemporary Worship

6:15pm - Untangled classes  (adults)


Wednesday Evenings 

5:15pm - Supper

5:45pm - Sonkist Choir

6:15pm - Untangled classes  (adults)

6:30pm - Ministries for youth/children


Excelsior Covenant Church 

19955 Excelsior Boulevard
Excelsior, Minnesota 55331


Office Hours: 

Monday - Thursday  
9:00am - 3:00pm



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Children & Youth



Grades 9 - 12


The Rock

Grades 7 - 8



Grades  5 - 6



Grades 1 - 4


Faith Friends

Age 3 - Kindergarten


Sprouts & Seedlings

Infant - Age 3 

Sept - Dec

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Wednesday, November 30

Supper - Mac & Cheese 5:15pm

Sonkist Choir 5:45pm

Financial Peace 6:15pm

Listening Prayer 6:15pm

Choir Rehearsal 6:30pm

Youth/Children's Ministries 6:30pm

Prayer Gathering 7:45pm 


Thursday, December 1

Golden Girls 9:15am

Retired Men 10am


Friday, December 2

Office Closed 


Saturday, December 3

Sonkist Choir Rehearsal 9:30am


Sunday, December 4

Traditional Worship 9:00am 


Financial Peace 9:00am

Formation for Kids & Youth 9:30am

Prayer Gathering 10:00am

Contemporary Worship 10:30am 

(Activity Center)

Bell Choir Rehearsal 10:30am

Financial Peace 6:15pm 


Monday, December 5

George Hill Visitation 9:00am; 

George Hill Memorial 10:00am;

George Hill Luncheon 10:45am 


Tuesday, December 6

Christmas at the Dala 7:00pm

Men's Basketball 8:30pm